Terms and Conditions

1. The invoice is the contract of carriage between DriveMe.Ro and pasager. It is issue after the payment. For payments made ​​with credit card, there will be an extra fee of 1.5%.

2. The owner of this invoice acknowledges and accepts all General Conditions of Carriage set out below.

3. Invoice price may be changed without notice, but in no case after his acquittal.

4. DriveMe.Ro is entitled to refuse transportation of whether:
a) invoice not been fully paid by the client
b) the rate paid does not match the total amount of the invoice issued

5.DriveMe.Ro is not responsible for delays caused by:
a) long border expectations;
b) the inspection bodies: Police, Romanian Road Authority, Romanian Auto Register or customs of the route;
c) demanding traffic conditions;
d) adverse weather conditions;
e) event produced by third parties or any other cause which could lead to delays;
f) unexpected traffic events (accidents);
g) loss of any other means of transport;
h) for damage to property and goods forbidden from transport are placed in luggage and even for fragile or perishable items, packaged properly, objects that have a special value such as money, jewelry, silverware, precious metals, securities, guarantees or other valuables, keys, business documents, passports and other identification documents or samples that are included in the baggage;
i) for injuries caused to passengers or damage to their luggage by baggage contained objects. Any passenger whose objects placed in luggage causes injury to another passenger or property damage to his luggage, carrier or any other transport properties which he will indemnify the carrier in respect of all losses and expenses of any nature incurred by him as a result of this, in accordance with Romanian law.

Passenger falls to the conclusion of an insurance policy to cover the expenses incurred by the occurrence of such events.

6. DriveMe.Ro is not responsible for hours of arrival at the destination and the loss of connections with any other vehicles in traffic due to unexpected events (accidents, traffic jams, fires, blizzards and heavy snow).

7. Transport of animals is allowed only in special transport cages are going to be paying an additional 50% of the transport.

8. Obligations of passengers:
Passengers must present the boarding pass at least 15 minutes before departure.

Passengers are required to respect break time during the trip. The driver which operate the shuttle is allowed to start from the break parking lot without passengers that do not meet during breaks set by the driver, DriveMe.Ro is not responsible for consequences arising from it.

Passengers are not allowed to drink alcohol during trip and smoking is prohibited.

Using radio, tape recorders, musical instruments or other sources of noise that can cause disturbance devolution driver or other passengers are not allowed during the trip.

In case of loss, total or partial damage or destruction of baggage, legal owner is obliged to inform the delegate carrier (driver) these facts, the formulation of a complaint in writing, no later than the completion time of the trip.

Passengers who do not meet these conditions will be disembarked.

9. By booking you are agree with these terms and conditions and changes that may occur after booking. DriveMe.Ro reserves the right to modify at any time any of the terms and conditions set forth in the contract.


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