About us

DriveMe.Ro, Faster, Stronger, Slicker

Since 2007 offering non-stop airport shuttle services, transportation between cities and tours in Dobrogea, Danube Delta and Romanian Seaside.

DriveMe.Ro was founded in Constanta, where we opertates daily transports to Otopeni and Mihail Kogalniceanu Airports.

DriveMe.Ro performs private transfers for bussiness reason between cities.

In 2010 we introduced share transport when there are more passengers on the same flight, the cost of transport service is equally divide passengers who used this system.

In 2011 we added a new pick-up service from Constanta Train Station for tourists who wish to be transferred at Mamaia or to any other resort on the Bulgarian and Romanian.

At DriveMe.Ro we strive to maintain our founding principles of quality, responsiveness, reliability and passenger safety.

DriveMe.Ro fleet consists of modern cars equipped with air conditioning and have a maximum of four years old.