What training and experience do you have in transportation services ?

The transport activity for private persons began in 2007, since then and until now we offer airport shuttle services and transport between cities for private clients or for companys.

DriveMe.Ro is authorized by the Trade Registry and Public Finance Administration Constanta to provide private transfer services.

What covers areas Airport transportation service offered by DriveMe.Ro ?

Airport shuttle service is available between towns or transfer in Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Czech Republic, Moldova, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Ukraine.

If your destination can not be found in the order form you can contact us by phone or e-mail for more information about transfer times and rates.

How can I recognize the car or the driver while he wait for me ?

The driver will be waiting in front of the house or hotel.

If case of an Airport Shuttle the driver will have a flyer printed with the passenger’s or comapny name.

How long time is available a car reserved for client ?

Airport shuttle service or transportation between cities all information relating to distance, time required to reach the destination, number of passengers accepted in the car are in the form of order .

Customers have the right to request an intermediate stop on the way up to 10 minutes for a trip up to 250 km and 10 minutes to each stop every 200 km further transfers over longer distances.

How many passengers can be transported in a vehicle?

Airport transportation or shuttle services between cities offered by DriveMe.Ro is made with passenger car that can transport a maximum of 3 passengers per car.

If more passengers depending on the number of these may be options for additional seats in the same car or shuttle service can be organized with several vehicles belonging DriveMe.Ro.

Customer can drive the car ?

No it is forbiden. Airport shuttle services is defined as a private transportation service. Moreover, the advantages of being a passenger instead of the driver define the service offered by DriveMe.Ro.

Customer can smoke in the car ?

No DriveMe.Ro policy in this regard is that the car was not smoking both during travel and when stationary.

Client may have oversized luggage ?

Yes, that is possible but please specify this in the order form.

I have a disability and car transport to do with a wheelchair, it is possible to travel ?

Yes this is possible only if the passenger does not need assistance during the trip and the seat is folded.

The driver will help me with luggage ?

Yes our drivers will help you and will aarrange boarding and the luggage in special compartments. Driver transporting you can adjust the audio system, air conditioning to your requirements.

What about the cost of travel and payment ?

The cost of the shuttle is displayed in the form of order . Because it is a custom software if there programming errors that result in a cheap or expensive charge we will contact you in this regard and as a customer you have the right to refuse service offered by DriveMe.Ro.

There are hidden costs?

No hidden costs in the transport fare. The shuttle services included all taxes related as road tax, fuel, insurance, etc. There will be no extra charge for the data transmission supplied in the command are not modified.

How can I pay ?

There are several methods of payment agreed upon by DriveMe.Ro. Bank transfer that should be maybe before boarding, credit card payment, PayPal payment, in cash.

Reservations, and cancelation.

Which involves taking customer bookings outside Constanta are confirmed only after payment of deposit of 50% from the price of the shuttle service.

Regarding canceling or changing a reservation this can be free up to 24 hours before pickup.

Penalties in case of cancellations or changes made less than 24 hours before pickup.

Plane delay or client acquisition 8 Euro for each extra hour.

Penalties in case of modification or cancellation of a reservation.
21 hours before departure penalty 8 euro.
18 hours before departure 10 euro penalty.
15 hours before departure 12 euro penalty.
12 hours before departure 15 euro penalty.
With 09 hours prior to trip 18 euro penalty.
With 06 hours prior to trip 20 euro penalty.
With 03 hours prior to trip 30 euro penalty.
60 minutes before departure 50 euro penalty.

For payments made ​​with credit card, there will be an extra charge of 1.5%.

What happens if my flight is delayed ?

When you have all the information about your new flight schedule please call us. We check along the new coordinates so that a driver will waiti at the Airport.

What type of insurance own DriveMe.Ro ?

We are covered by the Insurance company for passangers and their suitcases.

Can I order special services ?

Yes it is possible, DriveMe.Ro offer customers goods transportation services between cities, delivery of documents and parcels.

We provide on request child seats one seat per car.

If you wish to travel with pets please specify that when you want to order a transport service.

If you have to carry oversized luggage please contact us before launching an order to confirm if we can meet the transport order.